Custom Flasher


These custom flashers feature integrated circuit controlled reliability

  • 12 Volt Alternating Flasher
  • Bracket or Socket Mountable
  • Precise Square Wave I.C. Controller
  • High Temperature Plastic Enclosure
  • Standard 3 Terminal I.S.O. Pin-out

Design Life: 500 Hours (or 2000 aircraft hours if flashed less than 1/4 of the time.)

We recommend hooking your new wig-wag flasher up using one of the wiring diagrams in Bob Nuckoll’s Low Cost Wig-Wag Alternatives article.

When +12V is hooked to the + terminal and both “L” (load) terminals are loaded, the flasher will click (like a turn signal), notifying you of proper operation.

When one of the two loads is not present, the flasher will make a loud buzzing noise, alerting you of a missing load. (Usually, this is because one of your landing/taxi lights has burned out.)

1.4 Hz version
The standard flasher you can by at any automotive store (or here) flashes at approximately 85 bpm or 1.4 Hz (from light 1 on to light 1 on again powered by a 12V source).

0.75 Hz version

We also offer a 45 bpm (0.75 Hz) version powered by a 12V source…

0.33 Hz version

…and a 20 Hz (0.33 Hz) version powered by a 12V source.

(video coming soon)

How to Order:

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