Rod End Bearing Tool

While making my rod-end bearing tools late in July, I had to buy a long length of PVC tube and a big tub of PVC cement.

Instead of letting all the extra go to waste, I thought I would build a few extras and offer them up to save some of you a trip to the plumbing aisle of your local big-box store and the $time$ it takes to fabricate them.

(I know most RVers are tinkerers, so many of you will probably just make your own, but I thought I’d offer.)

I based them on my RV-7 bearings. These were designed to fit the smaller MD3614M rod end bearings on the elevators and rudder. They don’t fit the larger MD3616M rod endbearing on the bottom of the rudder, but you don’t need a special tool for that guy, because there is clearance below the rudder for you to get a crescent wrench on it.

$5 for the part, and $5 for shipping to anywhere in CONUS, and now you don’t have to make it yourself.

My Prototype...too long in my opinion. The ones you are buying are the shorter size in the last 3 pictures.


MD3614M rod end bearings.

MD3614M rod end bearings.

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