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Alpha Zulu Aerosports is focused on developing, managing and executing aviation projects, including certification FAA certification services for Type Certification (TC) and Supplemental Type Certification (STC) projects.


Compliance Substantiation Reports

Test Plans and Test Reports

Compliance Consulting

Compliance Standards

Certification Planning

Test Flying

Test Execution/Direction

Flight Department Operations and Safety Procedures (Part 91 and Part 135)

About Us

Andrew Zachar, Test Pilot, DER Consultant (Flight Analyst), Certification Engineer

Andrew is an aviation veteran with over 17 years in the Flight Test and Certification industry.  Andrew joined Cessna Aircraft Company in 2005, Honda Aircraft Company in 2008, Epic Aircraft Company in 2016, Bombardier Flight Test Center in 2017, and Textron Aviaiton in 2019. Today, he owns and operates Alpha Zulu Aerosports performing certification consulting tasks for companies across the USA.


We strive to exceed your expectations wherever we can. With Alpha Zulu Aerosports, you are buying a product or service that has come from years and years of experience of working for and with aircraft manufacturers. We want you to become a loyal and satisfied customer, and we want the chance to prove it to you. With our custom products, we want to spend the time and energy to understand your needs and deliver a product that is so good, you tell all your friends. Give us the chance to impress you.

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We don’t really like the “technical support” provided by most companies today. We will do our best to answer emails as quickly as possible and propose SOLUTIONS to issues or problems you may have instead of trying to blame you.

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The only data we keep on file is the data we need to provide you excellent service. We don’t share your information with anyone. Ever.

It’s that simple.

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Finally, thank you. You are the reason we exists as a company, and without you, we would not exist.

Clear skies and tailwinds.

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