Custom POH

Need a POH? Have a POH you aren’t happy with?

Let us create, reformat, adjust, or fix your current POH. We have years of highly technical word processing experience that let’s us provide a professional looking POH, customized for YOUR airplane and YOUR requirements.

For example, this is the reading layout of the first few pages for a 5 1/2″ by 8 1/2″ (half letter sized) checklist we recently completed.

The finished POH. (Pages are half sheets; 8.5
A closeup of the tabs.
Sample of Section 4, Normal Procedures
Sample of Section 8, Airplane Handling, Service, and Maintenance. (I know I spelled Maintenance wrong, and yes, it says section 11. I told you it was preliminary.

How to Order:
1) Add to Cart and Checkout

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2) Provide your current POH to Alpha Zulu Aerosports

You send us your current POH in whatever form it’s currently in, and we’ll transform it into a professional looking POH as shown above.

Your current POH will never be used or shared with anyone outside of Alpha Zulu Aerosports. It is only used during the construction of YOUR POH.

3) Consultation Period (Week 1*)

From there, we will contact you to begin a thorough consultation to make sure you get exactly the kind of POH you want. We will walk through each system in your airplane and design a custom, personalized POH for your aircraft.

We’ll also walk through some of the standard POH chapters and sections to determine whether your POH will include those items.

4) First Draft (Week 2*)

You will receive an electronic copy of the first draft of your customized POH. From there, you can review it to make sure you are getting what you want.

5) Comments/Feedback (Week 3, but on your schedule*)

At this point, you can provide us comments and feedback on the first draft.

6) Final Draft (Week 4*)

After you provide your comments/feedback on the first draft, we will make your required changes and send you back the final draft.

7) Final Printing/Binding

Once you approve the final draft, we will have your POH printed and professionally bound.

8) Shipping (Planned for 30 days after order*)

Finally, we will ship your customized POH via ground (to upgrade to faster shipping, let us know at any point during your order).

* Times quoted are purely estimates. Depending on the state of your current POH, these times may need to be extended. Throughout the process, we’ll keep you updated.

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