Piston Aircraft Performance Analysis

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How to Order:

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2) Download Forms

Depending on which analysis you purchase, we will send you either the GPS Air Data Cal Form or both the GPS and Performance Analysis Form.

3) Perform test flights

You take a printed version of each form and fly the test conditions using the guidance on the forms.

For the air data calibration, you’ll fly 3 to 5 separate boxes, each consisting of a 60-second stable point on a head of North, East, South and West. You’ll perform these boxes at your max level flight speed, your minimum level flight speed, and a few speeds in  between.

For the performance analysis, you’ll fly approximately 5 stable full-power climbs and 5 stable idle descents through an altitude range of 2000 feet, all at different airspeeds. Using the times, speeds, and air data information you collect (along with the air data calibration you’ll also perform), we can provide a comprehensive performance analysis of your airplane.

4) Share your data with Alpha Zulu Aerosports

Next you forward us the data, either electronically (scanned) or you can retype the data into an email (we can also use a shared google spreadsheet, which has worked well in the past). Your particular data will not be used for any other purpose or shared with anyone else without your explicit permission.

5) Data Reduction and Expansion (Analysis)

Once the data is delivered, we will perform the data reduction and expansion.

6) Analysis Delivery

At this point, we will deliver expanded data in whatever format you prefer (Consider also purchasing a custom POH or custom checklist). We can deliver the data in Microsoft Word, Excel, or text file. In addition, Microsoft Excel Charts can be provided inside an .xls file, or as images to be directly pasted into your POH. Options for data presentation include:

  • Vx/Vy altitude versus airspeed chart (shown above)
  • Maximum and Minimum Level cruise Speeds
  • Best rate and angle of climb speeds
  • Best glide speed
  • Minimum rate of sink speed

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