Template POH

Need a POH? Have a POH you aren’t happy with?

Don’t want to spend $299 for me to do the whole POH for you?

Buy one of our template POHs.

For example, this is the reading layout of the first few pages for a 5 1/2″ by 8 1/2″ (half letter sized) checklist we recently completed. You will need to provide your own binding, but this is the potential.

The finished POH. (Pages are half sheets; 8.5
A closeup of the tabs.
Sample of Section 4, Normal Procedures
Sample of Section 8, Airplane Handling, Service, and Maintenance. (I know I spelled Maintenance wrong, and yes, it says section 11. I told you it was preliminary.

How to Order:
1) Add to Cart and Checkout

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2) Provide your basic aircraft information to Alpha Zulu Aerosports

We will authorize the template to be used for your specific airplane, then send the document to you so you can edit and print at your leisure. When you complete your POH, It will include the material required to be furnished to the pilot by the Federal Aviatlon Regulations and additional information provided by the manufacturer. The handbook will meet GAMA Specification No. 1, Specifications for Pilot’s Operating Handbook, issued February 15,1975 and revised September 1, 1984.

The purchase of one Template POH is license for the buyer to use the POH for ONE N-number-specific aircraft. Any duplication of material provided is strictly and explicitly prohibited and will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law. Please see more legal information below.

It will take us about 2 business days to deliver (via email) your specific template. 

This POH is designed by Alpha Zulu Aerosports and delivered to the owner of NXXXXX as an empty template. The content is provided completely by the recipient of this POH. In return for the use, the owner, his heirs, assigns, and legal representatives, hereby expressly agree to the following: Owner agrees to assume ANY AND ALL RISKS INVOLVED IN OR ARISING FROM THE USE OF THIS Pilot’s Operating Handbook. Owner agrees to hold Manager and all of its successors, assigns, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees and agents completely harmless and not liable and release them from all liability whatsoever and AGREES NOT TO SUE them on account of or in connection with any claims, causes of action, injuries, damages, cost or expenses arising out of Owner’s use of the Pilot’s Operating Handbook, including without limitation, those based on death, bodily injury, property damage, including consequential damages, except if the damages are caused by the direct, willful and wanton negligence of Alpha Zulu Aerosports. Owner agrees to waive the protection afforded by any statute or law in any jurisdiction whose purpose, substance and/or effect is to provide that a general release shall not extend to claims, material or otherwise, which the person giving the release does not know or suspect to exist at the time of delivery of this Pilot’s Operating handbook. Owner agrees to indemnify and defend Alpha Zulu Aerosports against, and hold it harmless from, any and all claims, causes of action, damages, judgements, costs or expenses, including attorney’s fees, which in any way arise from the Owner’s use of this Pilot’s Operating Handbook.

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